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Report an IP address as a spam source

Please help us to improve our accuracy. We need your support to list as many spammers as possible in the inps.de-DNSBL to allow our customers a better spam protection. Here can you report us a suspicious IP address.

It can't be automatically verified, if the IP address is a known spam source.

If you received spam from this IP address in the past days, please copy the source code of the last spam mail, which has reached you from this IP address, in the textfield below. Of course, you can remove your personal data. Please note, that we're saving your current IP address, but only for documentation.

Please don't list servers of Microsoft, Yahoo, Google or other big freemail providers, because this affects many innocent users. Instead, follow the path that the message has taken. You can do so by examining the "Received:" headers of the mail. Look there for the IP, where the mail was originally sent from.

To complete, please solve the arithmetic problem below and click on "Submit":
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