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Our blacklist contains IP addresses from which we received mails, that were classified as spam, or that were reported to us as a spam source. It's very important to know, that a listing here doesn't mean that you are a spammer, but it means that we (or one of our reporting clients) received at least one spam message from the listed IP address.

New! You can easily report spam sources to us at or simply click on the red button in our query form.

Current changes made on this project

The exists since 2007-12-29. It is queryable free of charge via the Domain Name System and can be used in conjunction with other DNSBL's for a better spam filtering, although it was primarily designed to protect our own systems.

Even though we are listing entries for a relatively long time (in comparison to other dnsbl's), false entries are very, very rare and this list is highly reliable.

Please also take a look to the website of our new project: The external link