Your IP address is not listed.

When is an IP address listed in the DNSBL?

No entry is done if the IP address, from which we receive an email, is listed in our internal whitelist. Also, messages are excluded, to which SpamAssassin assigns a score lower then 7.0.

An IP address gets listed in our blacklist if at least one of the following criteria is met:

1. The IP address is listed in at least 3 of the following blacklists: 2. SpamAssassin assigns a score of 7 or more points to the message.
3. An IP address is a source of attacks against our systems.
4. An user reports us the IP address as a spam source (e. g. via the query form).

Spam reports from users

Since July 2010 it is possible for users to report spam sources to us. In November 2016 this function was massively extended. It is available via the query form (red button) or at

To avoid misuse of this important function, spam reports need to meet stringent criteria. Not every unwanted newsletter is spam and a listing of, for example, free mail servers affects too many innocent users. The complete source text, but at least the header area, of a mail classified as spam is necessary for a successful report. If the IP is included in our, the sample is published too and can be retrieved on the database query page.

If the report is sent, our system does a quick check against some black- and whitelists and calculates a score. If this score reaches 5 points, the IP will be published in the dns. Otherwise, it will be put on our watchlist - a great feature to detect persistent suspicious behavior.

IP addresses on our watchlist will be investigated and revaluated regularly. They will be blacklisted, if the new score is 4 points higher than the initial score or if it reaches 5 points.