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Comparison of other DNS blacklists and DNS whitelists / Statistics

Our spamfilter checks the source IP of each incoming message. We use other dns blacklists while filtering, too, but not all here compared lists are also used for spam detection on our systems. Like our comparison shows, many freemail services are listed in a number of blacklists, which is very bad because it affects to many legitimate users.

The black- and whitelist comparison of the helps users and blacklist providers: They both can see, which IP's are probable false entries in a black- or whitelist. This also ensures the transparency and trustworthiness of the overview, because we self provide a dns blacklist service and someone might think, that we show faked data.

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail if you have any questions or comments about our service.

Recent changes
2012-01-17: was not silently gone. The operator stated, that a registration of querying nameservers is needed in order to use this list.
2012-01-10: (blacklist) seems to be silently gone.
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2011-09-04: (blacklist) was added to the comparison (user request)
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