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Dear Sir/Madam,

Have a good day for you! this is Nula from China plastic mould manufacturer --B&H King Mold LTD.

We make kinds of plastic injection mould and blowing mould as following:

1)auto part mould(like:bumper mould,Car Fender guard mould,instruments mould ,car door mould,and Car lamp mould,front panel and decoration panel etc)
2)electrical appliance part mould(television part mould, washing machine part mould, air condition part mold,refrigerator part mould, mobile phone cover mould etc)
3)daily used mould(like chair mould, table mould,toilet seat cover mould,bucket(water tank) mould,basket mould,box mould,cutlery mould,cup mould,food container mould etc)
4)other mould(like pallet mould,turnover box mould,flower pot mould, pipe fitting mould,cap mould,plastic toy part mould etc)
5)all kinds of blowing mould

For more information, please send your email to me.

If you refuse this email, please tell us kindly, and we are no longer sending to you.

Looking forward to your early reply!

Thanks & Best regards
Nula Han
Business Development
B&H King Mold Limited
Tel: +86-755-29779915
Fax: +86-755-29779215
MSN: xxxxxxxxxx
Skype: kingmold4

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